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GREAT NEWS!!! The entire collection, is heading to a new home.

Great news!!  At the end of the month STASH, the entire collection of 4000 pieces, is heading to Driving Creek Railway in Coromandel to be on public display in a new building, most likely a cafe, to be built there very soon.

Auckland Studio Potters will receive sponsorship prizes from Driving Creek Railway, Peter Yates will be recognised and it will be free for everyone to check it out as part of the Driving Creek Railway complex.

Thank you to Peter Lange and all the ASP members who worked tirelessly to collect, sort and organise this huge project.  Wonderful to see so many visit the incredible installation in Dominion Rd. It certainly was a once in a life-time event.

Click here for NZ Herald video interview with STASH curator Peter Lange.


STASH - An Installation
23 July - 23 Sept 2017

Representing 40 years of pots and dozens of potters, this collection was gathered by one man, Peter Yates, a passionate supporter of craft pottery. It filled his whole house, leaving little room to move, and flowed into the garden and under the house.

Going into his house felt like entering a pottery mine, or an archaeological dig - all rooms, shelves and cupboards were filled with a wide range of work that came from those extraordinary decades, 1970 to the present, when participation in back-yard pottery production in this country was unequalled anywhere in the world.

He admitted that he found it difficult to walk past a piece of hand-made pottery without taking it home because "someone had made it". And that is one of the reasons this installation has been set up - it represents hundreds of people who worked in back sheds, wash-houses and kitchen tables, who fired with diesel, wood, gas and electricity, who dug clay or bought it in a bag, who fired low and fired high, and sometimes in-between. They made stuff. They shared both a big adventure and, for some of that time, a decent living.

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Pauline McCoy

Extraordinary exhibition, an unrivaled record of the good, bad & the ugly of nz pottery! He recognized the intrinsic value of hand made and how each piece is a piece of someone who made it. Flag as inappropriate Reply

Linda nicholls

How awesome. It's like looking at familiar friends from a nice time, with lots of great memories. When a nice pot was valued and treasured. I was a potter who made a fabulous living from doing something I Loved. I miss the lovely pots and people. :) Flag as inappropriate Reply

Rachel Gamble

Oh my goodness it’s studio pottery heaven and it’s contagious. From Peter Lange mixing bowls I received on my 21st, to Len Castle bowls and so many in between - I’m bitten by the bug too! Flag as inappropriate Reply

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