Do you use the ASP centre outside class times?

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Important information for casual users of the ASP centre.

Who can use our facilities:

If you are an ASP member or enrolled in a course for the current term, then you are welcome to use the studio and facilities of the centre from 1pm to 5pm Monday - Thursday, 1pm - 4pm Fridays and 10am - 4pm Saturdays.  


Students and Members: $5/hr to a maximum of $15/day.
Concession Card:  $4/hour to a maximum of $12/day. These can be purchased for $20 from the office and will give you 5 hours (in 10 half hour slots) of time in the studio. Once you’ve purchased your concession card, we simply stamp them, much like a coffee card, to record your studio time. 
Diploma Students: Free

You MUST also pay for your own clay, as well as for using the centre glazes and firing services.

PLEASE do not forget to pay.  PLEASE do not remove glazes or chemicals from the centre to use at home.

Signing in: 

We have to abide by Health and Safety rules, so there is a book just inside the door to the studio where you must sign in and out, when you use the studio, on week-day afternoons or Saturdays.

Shelves and storage:

There are ‘Casual Users’ shelves in the studio. Every 2 weeks we will be having a big clean out, and putting this work on tables in the outside area near the Anagama. It will most likely rain in Winter and if your pots are bone dry they may disintegrate... so take your work home as soon as possible.

The ASP centre is incredibly busy now and we cannot provide long term-storage. All other shelves are dedicated class shelves so please do not use them unless you are currently in that class.


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