ASP has several special interest groups where members can meet to share information, make and fire specialty kilns.

Raku Group


The Raku Group is a volunteer run group that aims to meet once every 2 months on a Saturday at Auckland Studio Potters.

Everyone participates from set up through to clean up, starting at 10am and finishing 4pm.

  • Please don't arrive late and leave early.
  • Bring an assortment of bisque ware.
  • Glazes and paint brushes are provided.
  • Generally the group meets every 2 months - sometimes a bit longer.
  • Costs: A studio fee of $15 (or $12 on concession card) for the day + kiln fees which are variable depending on the number of people and number of firings.
  • Requirements: You must be an ASP member.
  • Beginners to raku are welcome. No Raku experience necessary!
  • Please bring something to contribute to our excellent shared lunch.

To find out about raku firing dates email and you will be added to the mailing list.

About Raku

Raku is a very spontaneous and exciting way of firing that originated in Japan in the 16th century.

Raku is a fast process. A low temperature raku glaze is applied to a bisque pot and is then rapidly fired to around 1000 degrees C

The glowing pot is then removed from the kiln and placed in a reduction chamber with combustible materials like wood chips or newspaper. The rapid change in temperature caused the glaze to crack, and this is part of the raku aesthetic.

This post-firing reduction yields unique effects on the glaze and carbon (smoke) is trapped in the unglazed parts and the cracks in the glaze, leaving them black.

The reduction can take various times, from minutes to a lot longer, then the pot is quenched in water, halting the process.

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