Peter Collis 'Tell Me What You See'


Date 23 May 201823 June 2018

Time Opening Wednesday 23rd June 5:30-7pm

Location Solander Gallery 218 Willis Street Wellington

Peter Collis 'Tell me what you see' opens at Solander Gallery in Wellington on Wednesday 23rd May. Peter will be at the opening, if you're in Welly make sure to pop in and say Hi!

This exhibition is an exercise in the difficulties of slip casting Parian clay in large forms and using black and white clay to explore the psychology of the splatter. Strength and softness.

The dichotomy of a strong and upright form against the flowing softness of the black shapes, this work continues Peter’s exploration of form and surface. Inviting the viewer to admire the strong form of the pot, ponder the gestural splash and dribble of the contrasting black slip and make their own decisions from the visual clues.

A mix of wheel throwing, slip casting and hand forming has seen Peter develop a number of strands to his practise over more than 45 years, but he is always concerned with form and surface, plus the chemistry involved in the make up of clay bodies and glazes. Over the years this has seen him formulate and work with porcelain, bone china, frita (soft past porcelain) and Its sister Parian clay. This notoriously difficult medium is used in these works with supreme confidence of handling.

Peter is renowned for the richness and quality of his glazes, but the nature of Parian clay, it’s satin textural surface, and the interaction of the black and white slips have rendered glaze unnecessary.

Peter has exhibited both nationally and internationally in over 50 solo and 200 group shows. His work is represented in numerous international collections and has been presented as gifts to such luminaries as Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela and the President of China. Well known as a talented teacher Peter works from his home/gallery/studio complex in Auckland, with his wife, Julie and a changing range of graduates and interns.

Full exhibition will be able to be viewed online Tuesday 22 May

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