Mutations - John Parker


Date 17 September 201712 October 2017

Time Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 5pm, Saturday: 10am - 4pm

Location Masterworks Gallery, 71 Upper Queen Street, Newton, Auckland 1010

Opening and artist talk 1pm Sunday 17 September at Masterworks

"My current preoccupation is with the process of changing.

 My involvement with clay over the last fifty years has been continually self-referential. My work continues to evolve seemingly imperceptibly. The changes I experience in my practice in my studio may seem subtle and minimal but to me they are personally monumental in scale.

 It is all about me creating a set of distinct rules and juggling a limited number of variables into endless permutations. I really get off on this.

My current exhibition plays with the duality of soft/hard, loose/defined where the randomness of the craters of volcanic explosions contrasts with the formality of the placement of mathematically measured drill holes.

 I have also been playing with anti-gravity, attempting to overcome the fluxing nature of clay to not want to keep in a horizontal plane."

 - John Parker

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