The Clay Session


Date 26 August 2017

Time 10:30am - 1:30pm

Location Auckland Studio Potters, 96 Captain Springs Road, Onehunga.

A discussion and a forum about all the new clays on the market hosted by Duncan Shearer on Saturday 26 August

We have Duncan Shearer coming up to host "The Clay Session". 

With the huge range of new clays on the market and the disappearance of old favourites it has become a bit of a guessing game when it comes to choosing clays these days. So ASP is looking to remove some of this confusion by crowd sourcing information from everyone about what clays they are using, how they are performing and if they would recommend them.

We want as many potters as possible to come along (professional, amateur, hobbies etc…), bring fired examples of whichever clay you are using and contribute. We want to see as many examples as possible - terracotta to porcelain, raku to wood fired, hand building to thrown - and everything in-between.

Duncan Shearer will be facilitating the meeting and helping with any specific technical concerns.

Please bring a plate, and koha to Duncan for making the trip up to Auckland especially for this.  

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Hello, I'm new to Auckland and very keen to listen in on this event. I'm a novice potter keen to start local classes. Is it possible I can join? Flag as inappropriate Reply

Maak Bow

Hi Melissa. Anyone can come to this event. It may be technical for a novice but IMO jumping in at the deep end is a great way to start Flag as inappropriate

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