STASH - An Installation


Date 23 July 201723 September 2017

Time Open Saturdays 10 - 4 or by appointment.

Location 204 Dominion Road, Mt Eden, Auckland

Final day THIS SATURDAY 23 September 10am - 5pm.... Then drinks to follow to celebrate this outstanding installation.

Curated by Peter Lange, this installation is a MUST SEE!!! 

"This extravaganza of over 4000 pieces of NZ studio pottery will not be repeated.

Representing 40 years of pots and dozens of potters, this collection was gathered by one man, a passionate supporter of craft pottery. It filled his whole house, leaving little room to move, and flowed into the garden and under the house.

Going into his house felt like entering a pottery mine, or an archaeological dig - all rooms, shelves and cupboards were filled with a wide range of work that came from those extraordinary decades, 1970 to the present, when participation in back-yard pottery production in this country was unequalled anywhere in the world.

He admitted that he found it difficult to walk past a piece of hand-made pottery without taking it home because "someone had made it". And that is one of the reasons this installation has been set up - it represents hundreds of people who worked in back sheds, wash-houses and kitchen tables, who fired with diesel, wood, gas and electricity, who dug clay or bought it in a bag, who fired low and fired high, and sometimes in-between. They made stuff. They shared both a big adventure and, for some of that time, a decent living.

While the pieces aren’t all perfect, and some are pretty basic, there are some real gems in here. I have been one of these people for 44 years and this is my tribute to my clay colleagues, and to the clay and fire which has ruled my life for that time.

It was a little weird digging out some of my own pots."   – Peter Lange

Open Saturdays 10am - 4pm or by appointment, until the 23rd of September. 
Contact Peter on 021 053 7504

Thanks to:
Auckland Studio Potters: Suzy Dünser and committee, staff and members
Panuku Development Auckland

Click here for NZ Herald interview with Peter Lange.

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Lois Templeton

Wouldn't it be wonderful to get some of this Auckland Council art funds and have a permanent Wall built some where in Onehunga as an acknowledgment of Auck. Studio Potters and their contribution to community and the ceramic world . I don't get your way often but I am sure such a curation would enhance some of the BLANK spaces .. Flag as inappropriate Reply

Larraine Sullivan

My sister Wendy John has pieces of pottery I recognise in your display. She built her own wood fired kiln at Tolaga Bay in the 70's and had an exhibition in Gisborne. I still have the photos of that exhibition. Our family have many pieces adorning our homes. Your collection is part of 'her'story. Well done. Best wishes for your desired funding quest. Flag as inappropriate Reply

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