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"I have been involved with ASP since 1975 as a member, since early '80s on the Committee (except for 5 years early 2000s when I was Centre Director) and later President for about 5 years.  At the moment I use clay that is being thrown away so I take anything that is free and dry. Then I dry it or biscuit it and hit it with a hammer, firing the broken pieces (rocks) in a variety of kilns and then reassembling them into interesting combinations … teapots, platters, sculptural works".

Born in New Zealand 1944, Peter travelled in his 20s returning to New Zealand to settle in his 30s.  He has been working with clay and bricks for 40 years, starting as a production thrower in the 70s and moving into more sculptural work in the 80s. Over the last 10 years Peter has worked extensively in brick sculpture.  

Peter is interested in firing effects on the surface rather than glazing, and seeks ways to achieve these without the long and arduous hours of stoking a wood-kiln.  He is also well known for his creative and unusual kilns and this year was awarded an MNZM for his services to Ceramic Arts in New Zealand. 

Peter has been working with clay and bricks for 40 years, with a focus on high-fired reduction firing.

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Peter Lange: Pots and bricks

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