Frank Checketts


"I have been involved with ASP for about 8 years and my role on the committee as of this year is now Vice President.  I like to work with white raku or recycled clay and my best tool is a wire cutter to make slabs of clay. I specialise in using cut and textured slabs of clay and fire in an electric kiln at 1200 deg Celsius.  I am also a theatre stage and set builder and I work for NZ Opera.  For relaxation I blat all over the country on my motor bike".

My work is about shapes and forms and I like to keep it all as simple as I possibly can. Less is more. I have always enjoyed working with textured panels of clay and combining this with structural strength of curves and circles. I am inspired by the architectural concepts of support, span and connection.

Frank Checketts studied ceramics in the Art Department at Otago Polytechnic 1975 - 1976. He was a founding member of and worked at The Moray Place Studio in Central Dunedin. He moved to Invercargill where he tutored in the Art and Community Studies Department at Southland Community College, and exhibited in numerous local exhibitions.

John Parker is responsible for his return to Auckland in 2006 where he joined ASP and reconnected with the ceramic community. In 2013 Frank was selected to exhibit in the Portage Art Awards, in 2014 he received a Portage Art Awards merit award and in 2015 he was awarded the Auckland Studio Potters Residency sponsored by the James Wallace Art Trust. 

Recipient of the Wallace Arts Trust ASP Studio Residency Award, May - July 2016

Frank is currently taking the Term 2 Specialist Class 

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